My Comment and Replies to a Facebook Friend’s Posting of a Meme Regarding Fast Food Employees not Deserving $15 as a Minimum Wage

Please, tell me how $15/hr for minimum wage hurts the economy or any jobs other than the pathetic fast food status quo bullshit.

There hasn’t been an increase in hourly wages for inflation and people believe shit like this. I’ve seen a post or 2 you’ve shared from Young Americans for Liberty. Simply put, it’samericans-for-prosperity under the masterminds of the Koch brothers who want to: end SSN, eliminate government to its “sole” duty making policy-bought and paid for by the rich, eliminate tax, keep minimum wage down, and eliminate affordable health insurance.

All those have reached too many uninformed, uneducated people and new students in universities which the Koch brothers donate lots of money enforcing their Austrian economic loophole.

The same Kochs who disregard EPA regulations which have killed nonsmoking people in Arkansas, because they lived near a stream where Georgia Pacific releases chemical waste from their production plant.

And why care about climate change when the rest of the world believes in it, but Americans are being paid money to send out memes and bullshit think-tank “proofs” there is no climate change. Why? Because the Koch brothers will lose lots of control and money being they own a significant amount of fossil fuel companies. And, they are becoming impatient getting the Keystone pipeline going by chance a democrat is elected again.

The oil in Canada will eventual cause environmental problems to the US when the pipes leak. And they will because the Kochs never cared about environmental risk hazards.

I’m calling you out, because you’ve remarked several times since knowing you about “Commies.” The Koch’s father aided the Nazis and assisted Stalin’s oil industry in the USSR during WWII…as an American fucking citizen.

If you hate the Iran nuclear deal, then you shall hate the Kochs for doing business with Iran during sanctions.

But fuck it. House Speaker Ryan has been there bitch before-running for VP with Mitt Romney.

Think! It’s not illegal…yet.

Maybe you’re not familiar with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s economic salvation packages: “no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.”

The last reply means the minimum wage was never meant for a living wage. If a business cannot support the welfare of an employee, then GTFO.

The minimum wage must meet more than the bare subsistence level. The current min wage is far from the amount needing to be a few cents over it. As of current, the min wage should be at least $11-$12 an hour.

As for small business, you’re wrong. They would thrive from an increase in minimum wage, because demand (spending) would definitely increase. Businesses would fail if they increase their prices thinking they need to for such change in wages. Instead, keeping their prices current before the increase
will profit them greater wealth . . . allowing for wages paid at $15/hour for employees.


(You can stop here if you don’t want to learn the truth.)

Low wage income dramatically effects everyone in the US, except the rich. Many are making the Federal poverty level. How the fuck is that okay? As the meme suggests, an employee at McDonald’s does not deserve an increase in hourly pay to assist bare subsistence levels, but the Corporation’s top bask in the riches, because the only force making them pay minimum wage comes from the Government which stagnates the amount against inflation?

Regardless of a “single” person or a single person with child, a company has a moral obligation taking care of employees. If not, then why does the Government pay military personnel with annual increases due to inflation (as well as, Basic Allowance for Housing, BAH, based on the housing market), but won’t allow civilians?

No timeframe saves your claim bout raising the wage limit. First, increasing the minimum wage speeds up employment rates. This has been proven in the 13 states which chose to lead with higher minimum wages than the Government demands.

“A beginner job with not means to support a family with no education” validates why the meme is wrong and so many misunderstand economics. Economics is fucking stupid anyway and promotes too much against humans’ right to freedom. Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics on how many actually are paid the minimum wage.

I know politicians, majority of them, are being paid a plethora of dollar bills. That goes to my main point about the meme and the memes I have seen you post from Young YALAmericans for Liberty. The YAL is a Koch funded nonprofit organization. Have a look for yourself at the Federal form 990s. You’ll  see the money trail.

The Charles G. Koch Foundation spent $28.9M to George Mason University. Today I read George Mason will have their Law School named after Scalia; Scalia profited from the Koch brothers. As seen in an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the Kochs admit they expect something in return from their donations (see more than just the 2010 Form 990) to politics.

fink-rich*180The president of the Koch Foundation is Richard Fink, a former student at Rutgers University who fell in love and masterminded Austrian economics which the Koch brothers use today influencing people like you and the Young Americans for Liberty organization. The Foundation has been donating money to numerous universities and colleges to help further their “philanthropy.” The Koch’s only desire is for self-interest and not for anyone else. That is why they spread their think-tank chaos as an agreement all citizens of the US have.

If Citizens United allows no limit of monetary funds paid to politicians, then why the fuck should we vote? Passing memes and other information of which you and many others have no knowledge of being accurate condones the wealthy one percenters getting rich.

I met two students yesterday at Rutgers spreading their cause for YAL and love for the Koch brothers. During my hour conversation with them outside, I realized my research was spot on. There are too many consistencies of which the Kochs have secretly ruined what little democracy this country has:

*Majority of the House and Senate are Republicans-NC, in particular, gained votes from gerrymandering after their short victory segregating schools in Wake County.

*President Obama gave the Republicans an extension of the Bush income tax cuts which benefited the wealthy so he could extend unemployment benefits. (Memes about unemployment aid traveled social media as “handouts” when people forgot how the wealthy corporations ruined the economy, causing losses of homes and jobs.)

*The shutdown of Government in 2013 (sequestration) was the Koch’s agenda influencing citizens how awful “Obamacare” would be. I didn’t get paid until the end of October 2013 because of their selfishness, and the bill passed anyway—causing too much money lost for our Government.

*The latter, shutdown, was in the making by Mark Meadows, not Ted Cruz (albeit, Cruz sparked the limelight for it all). Meadows was a Koch product.

I could go on, but this is all on deaf ears/blind eyes and definitely shutdown after the first few paragraphs to those who are close-minded and set priority on their personal emotions than common fucking sense.

Follow the money and you will see the truth. Being skeptical is a mandatory reaction to all news produced, because the media is bought as well.

The Kochs had their chance, but David Koch lost his chance as Vice President candidate for the Libertarian Party in 1980. His outrage continues today, because he believes what his father taught him and his one other brother, Charles: eliminate the Government, or they will steal your hard earned money. Their inheritance was made while Americans died during WWII. So, the next time you think a young American working a shitty smelling job for a minimum wage is enough to live on while paying far too much on the “inflated” tuition prices forcing high interest student loans and still not having enough food to eat, remind yourself who really benefits from paid labor lower than the Federal poverty level.

Feel free disagreeing. After Missouri, Tennessee, and North Carolina’s blatant discrimination policies which negate our Government’s ruling last summer, the Divided States of America will soon spread. This country is ass backwards with freedom when Congress elects money over civil liberties and their damn duties.

Sources not linked within this article: Jane Mayer’s “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right,” and Hanna Brook Olsen’s The Daily Dot article, “The 7 Most Dangerous Myths about the Fight for $15 Minimum Wage.”

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I recently graduated Rutgers University at Camden, NJ with a Bachelor's in Philosophy and a minor in writing. I served 15 years in the United States Air Force, and now trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Serving in two unjust wars kept me silent. I paint and write for mental stability. My dog's name is Socrates "Soc," who I rescued after getting out of the military. Drinking with Socrates is a concept for my mind and hands describing the world as I see it, and having a say in solving socio-economic problems, if at all possible.

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