From Busch to Koch: It’s Been Happening for Decades

American citizens prolonged their innocent stupidity since, at least, after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I’m not implying anyone is stupid, because we’ve all accustomed ourselves with such ahistorical lessons in economics, climate awareness, and politics. On April 28, 2016, the New York Times’ Nicholas Fandos greatly informed us about George Mason University’s influential decision changing the name of their law school after the late Justice Antonin Scalia. The Charles G. Koch Foundation (formerly known as the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation) donated millions of dollars to change the name of the law school.


The next morning I searched for reactions about the Times’ article. No surprise reading so many people not knowing the history behind Charles G. Koch (and his brother, David). The article mislead many, though. The $30 million dollars is an estimate the Kochs donated for the past few decades. How did the Koch brothers infiltrate many universities without anyone caring?


Jane Mayer’ Dark Money provides tremendous insight after many years researching the Koch’s money trail. Their money is protected . . . by the government. I state this because most of their money is tied with non-profit organizations—501(c)(3)’s. The money for lobbying and institutions like GMU were mainly other people’s money with solely the Kochs at the helm.

Richard Fink helped create the infiltration with his love for Austrian economics. This system is not ideal for democracy, but more for totalitarian rule.

Austrian economics as we know it today and since the 1980s is called free-market. However, free-market is not Austrian economics. A free-market system is a price “negotiation” between a business and its customers without any government intrusion. It’s the sort of ahistorical mindset many believe what socialism is, and using Marxist as a term resembling Hitler.

When was the last time you negotiated the price for a Pepsi?

Fink created a banal system of economics: displacing the “historical” underlay of Austrian economics, and calling it free-market. The Austrian method is actually individualism within an organization, making decisions which affect society. Charles Koch is the individual making all the decisions we’ve learned as normalcy. He calls it philanthropy. The term is far from Koch’s initiate; albeit, he donates generous amounts of money, but not for any good cause save himself.

Charles Koch invaded many universities after the early success of GMU. The concept of “free-market” economics was a hard sale. The Koch’s knew their ideologies were too extreme for Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians after David Koch’s failure running as Vice President during the 1980 presidential elections. The best way selling their propaganda is teaching young, influential adults.

It’s an astounding strategy. Young adults feel free after leaving their parent’s house for college. The new-found freedom is met with the fear how horrible the government is taking taxes, regulating businesses, and ensuring prices are not extremely ridiculous.

One particular organization not affiliated with any university is the Koch’s funded Young Americans for Liberty. Similar to GMU students, young adults are indoctrinated with fear mongering of government, and then convinced free-market is the only true means for “liberty.”

Fink helped start-up the Mercatus Center which is the center for think tanks. Masterminds conjure up a grand recipe for lobbyists, and then sell them to politicians—evading regulation. The Center, however, is just as ambiguous as the many names of organizations the Koch’s cooked up. It evolved into the George Mason campus, having the implication of scholarly necessity due to its “on campus” location. Mercatus means commerce (all that it entails—buying, trading, etc.) in Latin.

So, the “Market” Center became the number one culprit in our deregulation laws and why so many in the U.S. believe there is no climate change. The Koch’s money came from their father’s oil industry. Therefore, the Koch’s have plenty to say regarding cleaner energy. They can’t afford it.

Our government turned its back on us when many of Koch’s industries dumped chemical waste into numerous streams—causing lung cancer and city quarantines for safe measure. Climate change “isn’t real,” because the Koch’s bought majority of Republican politicians. In turn, our Congress are blinded by dark money. It’s amazing how willfully think-tankers create ideologies protecting the Charles Koch’s evil.

Follow the Federal form 990s. Dark money trails pass through the US Government and paying taxes.

George Mason University owes its allegiance to the Koch brothers, owing to the fact that the public university would lose its funding (which far exceeds the amount Virginia gives). Jane Mayer wrote David Koch once saying, “If we’re going to give a lot of money, we’ll make darn sure they spend it in a way that goes along with our intent. And if they make a wrong turn and start doing things we don’t agree with, we withdraw funding.”

Faculty members at GMU are either enjoying the extra money while indoctrinating young minds into a system solely beneficial for the Koch’s and their billionaire friends, or tuck their tails during each class without the balls to teach taxpayers why the middle class is disappearing.

The cries on Twitter are useless. The Koch’s had ties with Enron and still exist today. They’ve created the Tea Party which influenced idiots like Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz shutting down the government. [That ass kept me from getting my last military paycheck in October 2013!] The boldness changing the law school name is quite interestingly the Koch’s inside joke.

It behooves us all learning the real meaning of words, and always being skeptical when commons sense is ignored. The Kochs continue being rich, because their money is tied up in non-profit organizations. Since Citizens United, they’ve unbuttoned their jeans, leaned back into their Lay-Z-Boy’s, and propped their feet onto the backs of us all as they laugh incessantly. The Kochs have balls. It’d be great if the rest of us unite, as citizens of oppression, and topple their circus tent down.



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I recently graduated Rutgers University at Camden, NJ with a Bachelor's in Philosophy and a minor in writing. I served 15 years in the United States Air Force, and now trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Serving in two unjust wars kept me silent. I paint and write for mental stability. My dog's name is Socrates "Soc," who I rescued after getting out of the military. Drinking with Socrates is a concept for my mind and hands describing the world as I see it, and having a say in solving socio-economic problems, if at all possible.

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