What About WTC #7? Ah, the Pancake Thing.

This video is not a Leftist view; it’s been documented at times, but reliance on today’s journalism (especially during the deregulation of banks and the onset of the “Great Recession”) ceases to exist.

‪#‎Republican‬‪#‎Democrat‬ and ‪#‎Indepenent‬ voters must know why we’ve warred, segregated, and kept exclusion as primary taking points in politics.

We the People are being laughed at as too stupid ever being skeptic with illogical decisions over decades long barriers for civilization.
Also, this is not a biased plea for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Let us all accept how gullible we’ve all been so we can disturb the financial elitists’ calm, protected authority.

One pebble skipping across a pond makes little ripple. Millions of pebbles unveil clarity from the murky water.

Get some popcorn and plenty of beverage, because you are about to watch non-biased, intelligent experts dissecting the 9/11 Commission Report. Hopefully, President Obama will release the 28 pages G. W. Bush chose to take out. It’s not just Saudi Arabia at fault for killing thousands of American citizens.

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I recently graduated Rutgers University at Camden, NJ with a Bachelor's in Philosophy and a minor in writing. I served 15 years in the United States Air Force, and now trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Serving in two unjust wars kept me silent. I paint and write for mental stability. My dog's name is Socrates "Soc," who I rescued after getting out of the military. Drinking with Socrates is a concept for my mind and hands describing the world as I see it, and having a say in solving socio-economic problems, if at all possible.

4 thoughts on “What About WTC #7? Ah, the Pancake Thing.

  1. Heard you C. I don’t think it mattes if we believe in Satan or Lucifer, what’s interesting is that “they” do, from Berry Sotero to “Lighting from heaven.” Its hilarious. I read Behold a Pale Horse a long time ago but I do not remember his prediction. Shoot the link if you can find it. Politics aside, the fact that they called it before it happened was the case and point. Walt Disney are at the helm of the Military Industrial Complex with their dark hero and princess programming. Television has been completely weaponized. Were born into a doomsday scenario as we all die or are reborn if we choose. Keep speaking Truth because it can never be destroyed. All is Love. Fear is an illusion. All beings are free. Truth can never be destroyed. Respect.

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    1. Hodor.

      I will check the link out this weekend. I’m swamped with essay writing for my final.

      My goal is exposing the Military Industrial Complex, and all it entails since Eisenhower warned the country during his farewell speech.

      You should read “Operation Dark Heart.” There are plenty redactions, but you’ll quickly know, through context, how great of an inside job it was.


  2. Love them or hate them Alex Jones and Freeman Fly predicted 9-11 through de-occulting the elite’s rituals several months before it happened. Alex even predicted it would be blamed on Bin Laden. Also, the name Barack Hussein Obama means Lightning from heaven or Lucifer for an interesting fact. Peace C


    1. Jon Jon, are you being sarcastic or serious?

      Freeman Fly is a joke without substance. Alex Jones lost any credibility with me when I heard his rant in December 1999 while stationed at Misawa Air Base, Japan. He blatantly lied about Russia ready to destroy America with thousands of missiles-a Y2K “conspiracy.” Bill Cooper talked about Osama bin Laden on 28 June 2001. Jones merely regurgitates Cooper’s rant, but suggesting bin Laden as a credible threat than the CIA operative that he was.

      Anything I write is as neutral and factual as the many references I can find with my home, cable internet. I’m not fancied or privileged having sophisticated equipment or databases for an overwhelming force for my ethos.

      I’m not sure if you’ve read any of the few articles I’ve written, but I’m an atheist. I’m not a devil worshipper or baby eater. I’m just a human being reliant on provability, and extremely neutral. I disagree with all religions. Many atheists are “coming out the closet” lately, because-similar to all homosexuals-we’ve accustomed ourselves being hated by the many religious people and rhetoric forced upon the entire nation of America. It’s gone too far.

      I’m no longer in the military, so I can definitely speak my mind without punishment. I just hope I am not assassinated like William “Bill” Cooper (shot by Apache Sheriff’s Dept. on 5 November 2001, while the local police department wasn’t notified until after Bill was dead).

      Your comment about Obama means nothing to me. Your claim suggests Obama is some kind of messiah (good or evil) predestined against Muslims. Alex Jones proved himself being a Zionist for too long. Of course people will believe his “prediction;” he defends everything Zionist. His libertarian, and extreme-Christian and Zionist beliefs negate his claim for “liberty.” Though he provided some information throughout the years as trustworthy, he does the same thing CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS and TIME WARNER (everything) were based upon when they were created: influencing the masses to create the tempered social environment.

      Enjoy your searches for more than 1 or 2 sources. I’m thankful you liked and commented on this article. No matter our differences, I thoroughly enjoy other people’s opinions-as long as it is not degrading the person, only the claim.

      Peace to you too. JJ


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