At the End of the Day, Corporations Still Reign

I expect something in return. I expect the government to end this corporate welfare. That’s what I want. I want the government to require that companies only profit by making other people’s lives better.  ~Charles Koch

Today we may hear, or read, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump agreeing or not agreeing with each other for this year’s Republican nominee for President of the United States of America. There are many reasons why Speaker Ryan would “support” Trump, but many more reasons he may become the nominee during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this summer.

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC fail being journalism entities informing us, the People, what is really happening with our government. They’ve all focused on Trump’s rhetoric, Hillary Clinton’s rebuttals, less anything Senator Bernie Sanders, ISIS, and Prince. Instead investigating lead stories, the mass media are motivated similar to many politicians holding office today: money.

The money is actually dark money. I highly suggest reading Jane Mayer’s Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right for the many specifics I will try my best explaining why Paul Ryan may undermine Donald Trump—becoming “America’s saving grace.” Donald Trump is an enemy of this world if he becomes President; too many in our country and around the world feel this way. Jane Mayer’s five year (plus) investigation on the billionaires who’ve changed the U.S. government lead directly to Paul Ryan.

A very quick background of Dark Money: Charles and David Koch are the main subjects who’ve collaborated with other billionaires to overrun the government using 501(c)(3)(4)(etc.) organizations. These organizations collect money from many millionaires and billionaires, but mainly under a corporations/organization name instead of their own; albeit, some choose direct funds from their personal accounts. The (tax free) money dumped into nonprofit organizations help pay lobbyists and politicians for self-interest policies. Recently, Charles Koch boldly told Americans, “I expect something in return.”

Mr. Koch expects the government staying out of his way when it comes to profit. This is where Paul Ryan comes in. The media failed us when excitingly framing Ryan on television.

  • Ryan was backed by an insurance company, Northwest Mutual, in Wisconsin for the state’srepresentative.
  • Ryan worked for FreedomWorks, a nonprofit organization—during Ryan’s employment—run by the Koch’s. FreedomWorks is a Libertarian-focused entity which sponsored the Tea Party.
  • Ryan’s wife’s (Janna Little Ryan) family are involved with land and energy companies in Texas and Oklahoma. And, Mrs. Ryan was a lobbyist for PrincewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

These three points prove a dark money agenda:

  • For years, Paul Ryan wanted to privatized Social Security and diminish Medicare which highly benefits any insurance company, let alone Northwest Mutual.
  • The Freedomworks employment links Ryan with the Koch’s without any further warrants.
  • Mrs. Ryan’s family would greatly benefit tax breaks pending Paul Ryan’s later success in Congress.
  • The PWC, an accounting firm, has too many controversies for viability, and a conflict of interest with Paul Ryan in Congress.

The major problem with Paul Ryan was his “Path to Prosperity” budget plan. First, it’s amazing Ryan was ever positioned in the House Budget Committee. Ryan’s budget plan is central for all billionaires like Charles and David Koch. It was first passed on April 15, 2011 when only four Republicans and zero Democrats voted for it (235 to 193).

When Citizens United passed in 2010, it was open season for corporations buying politicians for their “philanthropy.” The only promotion of welfare was for the wealthy, not the People. The House and Senate was bought with dark money; Ryan, as Budget Committee Chair, wasted no time with ‘his’ budget plan.

The Path to Prosperity plan for fiscal year 2015 mirrors its past plans. Here are a few entries:

  • The average wage in the oil and gas sector is over $92,000 a year. The Path to Prosperity builds on this success by opening more federal lands to energy development. (10)
    • However, the budget demands the government stop its purchasing of unnecessary land.
  • The plan argued to “scale back on corporate subsidies in the energy industry” under the Restore Fairness category.
    • Subsidies? As in no government intervention so energy companies can increase consumer prices, and merge smaller companies into a larger one?
  • The Keystone XL Pipeline (Koch Industries) project explicitly highlights creating 42,000 to 100,000 jobs. (33)

Less government oversight allows corporations like Koch Industries becoming another “too big to fail” entity which will enslave US all. The minimum wage, alone, proves the corporations greed against its employees—the backbone of a corporation.

Paul Ryan refused any nomination becoming House Speaker after John Boehner’s surprising resignation months before he planned on retiring. Ryan seemed to enjoy the press’ attention. He announced accepting the Speaker position if three demands were met: A proposition (uniting) party for the GOP; update the House Rules and wanting teamwork; wanting family time no matter what.

Ryan was adamant not being Speaker, and then stated the same adamancy when asked if he will consider vying for President during the RNC in Cleveland this summer. The latter came from a video Ryan released which insinuated a campaign ad for President.

The audacity Ryan has comes from billionaires painting a yellow brick road for the Oz curtain: President of the United States. Citizens United bought the House and Senate after losing millions of dollars and the 2012 election. President Barack Obama’s second term proved how destructive corporate/nonprofit organizational donations are towards the opposition; newly elected GOP officials were the soldiered puppets, lacking morals, for corporate overrun. Sure, We the People may have elected them. We were too gullible with media and campaign ads suggesting a next-to-nothing-payment for health care, and believing climate change is a liberal channel for the government telling us what we must do with our lives (driving, eating, sleeping, etc.).

The past week’s “news” filled viewers with Paul Ryan’s name. Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan. And Donald Trump. Remember, mass media pays television hosts (because they fail being true journalists) millions of dollars persuading US what dark money demands. We must pay attention to the repetitive phrases and keywords announced on all media. Ryan demanded “unity” within the GOP, because not all members were paid for by billionaires yet. He indirectly told US the billionaires (especially the “chosen one’s” fathers: the Koch Brothers) will reign, diligently, on those who not conforming to the party of Libertarianism.

Today, Ryan and Trump discuss such “unity” before Ryan publicly announces whether he will support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. Sadly, CNN’s Gloria Borger misinformed its viewers stating Mitt Romney was the one who chose Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate back in 2012. It’s amazing how forgetful the media is about the recording (and transcript) during one of the Koch’s secret meetings when Chris Christie spoke his resume for President to millionaires and billionaires. David Koch changed his mind on Christie and tried for Ryan, and Ryan did not want it. So, the many and Ryan agreed on him as VP.

Why would the Koch Brothers, et al. expect paying an estimated $889 million towards this years election? Would they risk using majority of the money for the greatly publicized Ryan after Trump effectively crashed the Party? Or will they continue funding the House and Senate seats to overthrow any non-libertarian President?

David Koch lost his try as Vice President for the Libertarian Party in 1980. Paul Ryan lost his attempt. The two received a gift these past two years: Donald Trump. The “BREAKING NEWS” CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC promoted this past week was part propaganda. “At the end of today,” dark money will continue unless We smarten up.

Update:  Paul Ryan and Donal Trump released a statement about their “unity.” Then Ryan spoke with a determined, authoritative tone about passing bills and a drug epidemic. Seems fitting since CNN aired a show about such drug epidemic last night. Pay attention to how many times Ryan will be speaking on television, and the many broadcasts about him. Why is he so important, yet Congress still won’t do their damn job concerning Flint’s water, etc.?


Update (7/13/2016): While watching the first nationally televised town hall meeting with a House Speaker, Jake Tapper (CNN) asked Paul Ryan pack-journalistic questions. Tapper opened questions for Ryan’s voice being heard for “unity.” After 12 minutes of propaganda  answers-sidestepping controversial questions about Donald Trump-I realized the heavy blanket resting on top many American viewer’s eyes.

Regardless Ryan getting nominated at the RNC for President, the “less government, more ownership/privatization” extends heavily over the Republican Party. What happened to the People’s rights? The Republicans fought ending slavery. They demanded desegregation while the Democrats (heavily arming the southern states before 1965) sought demonizing blacks and undermining all citizens inalienable rights.

I declared myself a Democrat for the first time in my 38 years of life, because I live in New Jersey; I wanted my vote counting for Bernie. We still live in the UNITED STATES of America. Must we continue excluding others not of same, and ever-long watching a government act less than the majority kindergarteners in our country? I watched Napoleon Dynamite more than five times. I also watched The Candidate (2012) and Trading Places. If C-SPAN did not exist, I wonder if any politician would ever work. Cameras ensure the People are watching, but their forever fallacious rhetoric undermines the entire Value Americans still have left.

Less government really means changing the government for the very fucking rich. Citizens United v. FEC (2010, passing a 5-4 vote) alienated American citizen’s First Amendment rights; corporations and organizations are now considered “humans” having the same First Amendment, but with more money than they can spend. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), if passed, will overrule our inalienable rights. If you own your business, and could be bought from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc., then prepare losing it. If you’re working a minimum wage job, and not a living wage job, then prepare yourself being a slave to industries or unemployed from their overseas migration.

O’ Liberty, Liberty and Happiness! Wherefore art thou Liberty and Happiness?

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I recently graduated Rutgers University at Camden, NJ with a Bachelor's in Philosophy and a minor in writing. I served 15 years in the United States Air Force, and now trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Serving in two unjust wars kept me silent. I paint and write for mental stability. My dog's name is Socrates "Soc," who I rescued after getting out of the military. Drinking with Socrates is a concept for my mind and hands describing the world as I see it, and having a say in solving socio-economic problems, if at all possible.

2 thoughts on “At the End of the Day, Corporations Still Reign

  1. Terrific Research. Wow, you covered a lot of information in this blog. I will take a look at Jane Mayer’s Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right this summer. I also recommend strongly Fire in the Minds of Men, written by the current Librarian of Congress Emeritus, James Hadley Billington, (a leading American academic and author who taught history at Harvard and Princeton before serving for 42 years as CEO of four federal cultural institutions.) It has given me a grasp of both left and right ideologies and how they’ve been used in conjunction together via Hegelian Dialectic since the French Revolution and the forming of the American colonies. The drug epidemic has crushed the lives of those around me growing up and I’ve experienced profound sorrow at the destruction of my greatest friends and last wife who chose loyalty to heroin over all. God Damn! Thanks again Casanova and keep the blogs coming.

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